Over time, grout and concrete voids begin to dry out. Additionally, many voids like those in door jams are difficult to fill. That’s where a grout pump will work efficiently to secure the frame and ensure every part of the void is filled or refill large grout lines in short periods of time.

In the same fashion, concrete pumps enable you to mix concrete at a greater distance from your building location. You can finish a basement without worrying about the mess or time consuming process of wheel barrows or hand mixers.

SafeStep Building Treatments Inc. has the equipment to make the job easier and more economical. Whether it is pumping concrete for an entire basement floor, or pumping grout into prefab doorframes in a commercial building. Whether it is grout mix from a bag, or cement straight from the truck.

Our pump is small enough to fit where large trucks won’t, but it is big enough to handle most jobs.

We have enough hose to pump over 100 feet.