Waterproofing & Water Control Systems

Posted on Mar 11, 2014

Bentonite Waterproofing Systems

An absolutely dependable waterproofing system that heals itself whenever its protection gel is affected by structural settling or intense vibration. It swells when wet with water to form a gel membrane that seals permanently and reseals if penetrated.

Sub Drain System

This is the ultimate approach for old homes and looks after all water problem areas in one. A sub-drain that runs to the sump pump pit under the floor by the footing controls the hydrostatic pressure under the basement floor. The bentonite injection protects the wall.  There is no messy digging with the injection and sub-drain system.

Polyurethane Crack Injection

A liquid that is injected into cracks or voids in concrete that swells in contact with water to form a moving, flexible gasket.

Sump Pump Pit System

A high quality system at an economical price. This system includes:

  • A deep liner with a lot of holes (to allow water to enter quickly)
  • Put plenty of clean ¾” gravel around the liner
  • Pit is flush to the basement floor with a lid.
  • Cement is put around the outside of the pit (to give it a clean finish look)
  • We install a new 1/3h submersible sump pump and drain outside
  • All piping is included with a check valve
  • A battery operated overflow alarm is installed
  • We have a wide range of battery back-up systems that can easily added into our sump pump system.

Window Well Installation

Our window well installation includes:

  • Digging to the footing
  • Prep and cleaning the wall
  • Repairing any cracks or problems
  • Waterproofing the wall with “Tuff-N-Dri”
  • Putting drainage pipe on to allow water to get to the perimeter drainage faster
  • Lots of 3/4” clean gravel for back-fill
  • Installing a new metal window well

Excavation of Foundation Walls

After the initial excavation of your foundation, we:

  • Clean and prep the wall
  • Inspect wall and make necessary repairs
  • Apply the waterproofing system called Tuff-N-Dri
  • Inspect perimeter drainage and evaluate
  • Back-fill with lots of ¾” clean gravel
  • Compacting soil every 2’ when back-filling
  • Clean up and inspect