Tuff-n-Dri Installer

spray Why is TUFF-N-DRI so dependable? The secret is its unique system. First, an elastic membrane spans foundation settling cracks to block potential seepage points.

Then, a high-quality foundation board is applied, providing three important benefits. The board protects the membrane, channels water to the drainage system for efficient removal, and insulates basement walls to help make the space inside more comfortable and energy-efficient.

With a TUFF-N-DRI Guaranteed Dry Basement, homeowners can confidently install drywall, plush carpets, fine furniture, and expensive home entertainment systems, office equipment, and exercise machines. In short, TUFF-N-DRI helps transform ordinary basement space into luxurious living space.

To protect your foundations against harmful moisture, you can’t do better than TUFF-N-DRI Basement Waterproofing System. With performance that swept all 4 categories of Builder magazine’s latest foundation waterproofing survey, TUFF-N-DRI delivers the confidence of a leader. Confidence – that’s the best foundation to build on.

#1 Brand NAME familiar to builders

  • TUFF-N-DRI is the only basement waterproofing system for new construction that’s been performing successfully for 25 years.

#1 Brand PREFERRED by builders for 12 years in a row

  • 99% customer satisfaction shows TUFF-N-DRI pleases builders by pleasing their home buyers.

#1 Brand USED by builders during the past 2 years

  • Installation by trained Barrier Solutions Contractors makes TUFF-N-DRI the reliable, dependable choice.

#1 Brand in builder QUALITY ratings

  • TUFF-N-DRI is so reliable, it’s backed by a transferable 30-year performance warranty.

Builder Magazine 2008 Brand Use Study

Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

Take a look at the results for yourself. Now, which brand of waterproofing makes you the most confident?

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