Commercial Waterproofing



TUFF-N-DRI XTS-the best waterproofing brand in the business is even better!


Delivering even better protection against moisture.

TUFF-N-DRI XTS is the highest performing extension of the most recognized waterproofing brand in the residential new construction market, with 12 feet of hydrostatic head pressure resistance!

Greatest resistance to hydrostatic head pressure.

TUFF-N-DRI XTS is performance-engineered and field-tested to provide the greatest resistance to hydrostatic head pressure of any polymer- modified asphalt emulsion waterproofing membrane in the category. Now, TUFF-N-DRI XTS is designed to withstand 12 feet of hydrostatic head pressure, while maintaining its ease of use, consistency of manufacture and long-term durability characteristics.

Backed by a tough 30-year warranty.

With a 30-year transferable performance warranty, TUFF-N-DRI XTS delivers guaranteed dry basements, increasing the comfort and utility of your lower-level living space.

Insulate, drain and protect your foundation.

Complete your foundation protection by adding one of our exceptionally- performing fiberglass foundation boards. Choose either the WARM-N-DRI Foundation Board or TUFF-N-DRI Barrier Board to insulate, drain and protect the foundation wall.

Availability and cost.

TUFF-N-DRI XTS is competitively priced and available through your local Barrier Solutions Contractor. For details, contact your local Barrier Solutions Contractor, call 800-DRY-BSMT or visit


Membrane Properties

Type Polymer-enhanced asphalt liquid-applied membrane
Color Black
Solids 64% ± 3% (percent by weight)
Density 8.1 ± .15 lbs/gal
Application Airless spray
Application Temperature Minimum 20°F
Application Thickness 60 mils (wet)[1]
Typical Cure Time 16-24 hrs (under normal conditions)
FHydrostatic Head Resistance Results: 12 ft.

Method: ASTMD-5385

Adhesion to Concrete (Peel, N/m) Results: Exceeds

Method: ASTMC-836

Elongation Results: >1800%

Method: ASTMD-412

Crack Bridging Ability Results: Passes

Method: ASTMD-836

Water Vapor Permeance Results: <1 perm for 40-mil dry coating (grains/sf/hr)

Method: ASTME-96 Wet Method

Tensile Strength Results: 70 PSI

Methods: ASTM D-412

Resistance to Degradation in Soil Results: Good

Method: ASTM E-154

Mold Growth & Bacterial Attack Results: No degradation

Method: ASTMD-3273 ASTM D-3274

 [1] Measured in-place with an ASTM D-4414 notch film gauge. Wet film measuring 60 mils cures to 40 dry mils.


Board Properties



Foundation Board


Barrier Board

Board Size

4′ x 4′ 4′ x 8′

4’x4′ 4’x8′

Board Thickness 3/4″

1 3/16″

 2 3/8″ 3/4″ 1 3/16″ 2 3/8″
Drainage Ability [Gals/Hr/Lineal Foot][2] >70


>210 >50 >80 >160
Thermal Resistance R-3






[2] Hydraulic gradient of 1.0. Drainage rates with 10% board compression. At 65% compression, foundation board has the drainage capabilities of coarse sand.
[3] As manufactured resistance values (R-value)