Bentonite Clay Injection

The Origin Of Western (VOLCLAY) Bentonite Clays

claySodium Bentonite is a volcanic ash in origin. About 100 million years ago when volcanoes covered the western seaboard from Baja , California to Alaska, a series of violent eruptions blasted fine volcanic ash thousands of feet into the air where the prevailing winds carried it eastwards. Eventually, many of these particles fell into the inland salt sea that then covered a larger area of what is now the United States.

Geologists believe that the ash, dissolved in the blistering hot, salty (sodium rich) water, then re-crystallized to form the soft, waxy mineral, montmorillonite (or sodium Bentonite)

Waterproofing below the water table is asking a lot of any system.

The solution: an absolutely dependable waterproofing system. One that heals itself whenever its protection gel is affected by structural settling or intense vibration. Bentonite Waterproofing Systems are tough enough to hold back 97 feet of hydrostatic pressure. It swells when wet with water to form a gel membrane that seals permanently, and reseals if penetrated.