From the leader in spray-applied waterproofing

WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING™ is manufactured by Tremco Barrier Solutions, Inc. – North America’s leading supplier of spray-applied waterproofing membranes for new basements. Since 1983, the makers of WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING and the TUFF-N-DRI™ Basement Waterproofing System have built a strong track record of successful spray-applied waterproofing products.

Installed by select applicators

WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING is installed only by Barrier Solutions Contractors.These contractors undergo training to ensure the highest quality application.

Surface preparation

The wall surface should be smooth and monolithic. Remove loose aggregate and sharp protrusions from the wall.Voids, spalled areas and exposed aggregate should be patched with suitable mastic before spraying. WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING does not require any priming or special preparation.

Membrane application

WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING membrane is sprayed evenly over the entire foundation wall. The membrane can be applied when ambient temperatures are as low as -I8°C (0°F), allowing for fewer construction delays. However, the membrane must not be applied over standing water, a water or ice film, frost, ice or snow. On poured concrete basements,WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING can be applied as soon as the forms are removed, and on block basements, as soon as the mortar is dry.


WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING features a flexible, polymer-enhanced asphalt membrane that’s spray-applied to poured concrete and block foundation walls. Spray application seamlessly spans foundation settling cracks and seals out water penetration (whereas air gap products have seams that can let harmful moisture through).

Curing and backfilling

Foundations coated with WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING should be allowed to cure
at least 16 to 24 hours before backfilling. Backfilling should comply with local code requirements.

Drainage requirements

WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING is designed for use with a foundation drainage system consistent with local codes and good construction practices.
A typical exterior drainage system consists of 3 or 4-inch (75-100mm) minimum perforated drainage pipe, with gravel over the pipe, on the footer and up the face of the vertical wall, or as specified by local code.The drain tile should channel water to either an operating sump pump or to daylight.The grade should always slope away from the foundation.

Environmentally responsible

WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING membrane uses a non-flammable, water-based carrier that is environmentally responsible. It has been thoroughly tested by independent labs to prove that no harmful leaching of the membrane occurs.

Availability and cost

WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING is competitively priced and available through your Barrier Solutions Contractor. For more information contact your local Barrier Solutions Contractor, call 800-DRY-BSMT or visit

Membrane Properties

Type Polymer-enhanced asphalt liquid-applied membrane
Color Black
Solids 62 (percent by weight)
Density 8.1 lbs/gal
Application Airless spray
Application Temperature Minimum -18°C (0°F)
Cure Time 16 – 24 hrs
Thickness 60 mils (wet)[1]
Adhesion to Concrete (Peel, N/m) Results: 1200 N/m

Method: ASTM C-836

Elongation Results:1800%

Method: ASTMD-412

Low Temperature Flexibility Results:Flexible to -20°C (-4°F)

Method: CGSB 37.58-M86

Crack Bridging Ability Results:Exceed 30 Cycles at -20°C (-4°F)

Method:CGSB 37.58-M86

Water Vapor Permeance Results:0.44 perms for 60-mil wet coating (grains/sf/hr)

Method:ASTM E-96 Wet Method

Resistance to Degradation in Soil Results: Good[2]

Method:ASTM E-154

Mould Growth and Bacterial Attack Results: No degradation

Method:ASTM D-3273, ASTM D-3274

[1]Membrane cures (dries) to 40 mils.
[2]Tensile strength increased by more than 25%; minimum of 10% decrease is standard.