Piction – Waterproofing & Water Control Systems

Posted on Mar 11, 2014

Full waterproofing systems are available for the new to the very old building that requires no outside digging.

These systems include:

Sub Drain System

This is a very easy system that that gets the water to the sump pump pit under the floor as quickly as possible so that it can be drained away.

Polyurethane Crack Injection

An injection into cracks that swells to form a moving, flexible gasket when in contact with water.

Sump Pump Pit System

For minor leakage depending upon where it is coming from and what is under the floor, a sump pump system can solve the problem. The biggest thing with a sump pump pit is the water needs to get there as fast as needed, to get pumped away.

Window well installation

This method involves water proofing the wall with “Tuff-N-Dri” and putting drainage pipe to allow water to drain faster and installing a new metal window well.

Excavation of Foundation Walls

This is usually a more serious water problem.

It involves excavating the foundation down to the footing, waterproofing the walls and putting a new weeping tile to a sump pump pit.