Excavation of Foundation Walls

digger2At SafeStep Building Treatments Inc. one of our water control systems is excavation. We have the equipment, the products, and the knowledge to do the job right from start to finish. From calling for locates to the final back-fill, we will look after it all.

After the initial excavation of your foundation, we:

  • Clean and prep the wall
  • Inspect wall and make necessary repairs
  • Apply the building code approved waterproofing system called TUFF-N-DRI*
  • Inspect perimeter drainage and evaluate
  • Back-fill with lots of ¾” clean gravel
  • Compacting soil every 2′ when back-filling
  • Clean up and inspect

* TUFF-N-DRI consists of a flexible membrane with a premium foundation board, which protects, insulates, and drains.