Concrete Raising

A simple process which hydraulically lifts your existing concrete walk, driveway, pool, patio, etc. to its original position. Sunken slabs can be levelled for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

 diagram – Driveways –
– Sidewalks –
– Steps –
– Patios –
– Garages –
– Pool Areas –
– Any Concrete Slab –



Prevents dangerous falls caused by tripping on uneven pavement.

Damage Control:

Minimizes deterioration of structure and pavement.


More attractive than unsightly patches or new material that does not match the original.


Much faster than tearing out and repairing concrete.


Only a fraction of the cost of replacement.


Lasts as long as the original paved surface.


Slabjacking and concrete piering information and resources can be found on The Concrete Network website.

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